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Biografia di RejectReality:
Sesso: Maschio
Peso: Media
Altezza: Media
Località: Alternate Reality
Orientamento: Diritto
Interessato in: Niente
Stato: Single
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Numero dell'utente: 1049328
Membro da: January 1, 2009
Ultimo modificato: September 18, 2017
Alcune parole da RejectReality:

I reject your reality, and substitute my own. My stories are not meant for those who seek complete reality, which I assume my pen name should give away.

In my little world, there are no STDs, unless necessary to the story. The weird exception is the rule when you step into my world. The hot and horny nurses, secretaries taking a whole different kind of dictation, and other unlikely scenarios shall abound.

My stories are designed to arouse, and will require accepting the warped reality of my world to enjoy. The things that happen in the pages of my stories are at best unlikely. If you require complete plausibility of circumstances in your stories, then you are on the wrong author's page.

With that all said, I hope you enjoy my work, and please do send me feedback -- especially if you got off to my stories. Feel free to give details ;)

Covers for all my stuff and illustrated version of "Even Steven" on my website.!/RejectReality1

Update 09/18/17

 BiographiaArticoliI miei favoritiContatto 
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